💯 ONE HUNDRED PAIRS (formerly Wholesale)

tl;dr: Place 100 or more pairs of non-22.0mm-sclera contacts in cart, the total value automatically becomes 55% less.

Since we opened the Wholesale program to the public, tens of inquiries come in on a daily basis. To our surprise, half of the orders come from end users instead of distributors. Per the survey, customers either shop the big bulk of contacts to supply their full year of usage, or for some specific get-togethers, like a theme convention. Therefore, we've decided to rename the Wholesale program as simply ONE HUNDRED PAIRS to reflect.

Now anyone can get 55% OFF 100 pairs of cosmetic, costume and 17.0mm mini sclera contacts, mix and matched on their own. You just need to place 100 or more pairs of these contacts in cart, the order value will be updated automatically.

That being said, if you are interested in including any of the 22.0mm sclera contacts in your 100-pair order, please email info@twinklens.com for a custom quote.

An over-simplified flowchart for the 100-pair orders is illustrated below: