Jasmine and Her Lenses of Choice

Jasmine and Her Lenses of Choice

Hello friends. I am Jasmine by name and sales manager by profession. I am from New Jersey, USA. I think everyone is a business expert because unknowingly we all are doing business in our daily routine like transactions, dealing with different people, etc. Apart from business, I have leadership and management skills and I love to interact with different people as it is part of my job to cater many people at a time. I usually wake up around 7am and go our for a morning walk because it keeps me fit and active throughout day. I think I cannot manage my day if I don't go out for a walk as I am already in my 30s. Likewise, I really need to groom myself to be more presentable everytime.

My dad was my inspiration so I ended up being a marketer and everybody knows that a marketer should be well-groomed. I love to explore different styles and try things that suit me. I have a tough personality so I usually go with black, blue and brown at work but only personality is not enough, I also need to focus on my style to look good and attractive. I am a black American lady with curly short hair and weak eye sight but I really hate wearing glasses. Due to this, I apply lenses as I have to keep myself focused at work. And to be honest, lenses make my makeup and features more enhanced. I wear different lenses’ shades in various events. Twinklens allow me to be more confident and bold everytime and I always prefer Twinklens over any other brand.

Twinklens has a huge collection of lenses, their quality and color variation attract me alot. They consist of lenses with 40% to 42% water content. These lenses are made of HEMA. They are best for everyday use and never hurt my eyes if I wear for long hours and not at all make my eyes feel dry. Diameter is around 14.22-14.5 with a base curve of 8.6mm. I wear subtle lenses at work and bright lenses at meetings, conferences and other events. I have a huge collection from Twinklens. Depending on the event, I apply lenses accordingly.

3 tone Honey Eyes

3 tone Honey eyes result in a soft inviting look. They are best for daily use as they are not overly dramatic, bold and do not catch the attention of the audience. These lenses give a feeling of sunset that is relaxing and soothing. I use them regularly at my work and when I crave for a natural, subtle and a decent look. I am sure that 3 tone honey shade can suit everyone. They look so natural that my colleagues think that these are my real eye shade.

Hidrocor Ochre Eyes

Hidrocor seems to be real and they are designed to blend well with any natural eye color, even dark ones! I always love Ochre shade. It also comes with power so I wear them daily in the office because I don’t like wearing specs. They are perfect for my personality. It goes well with my looks too. Ochre shade is a true hazel with a grey undertone that looks gorgeous during the day and super sultry at night.

Premium Candy Blue Eye

I love beaches so I love this beautiful shade that feels like I am moving with the waves. These lenses are my perfect companion after work for hangouts with friends. I am not a makeup freak so a lipstick and premium candy blue lenses would do the trick. Highly recommended for night outs as they don’t come in power so I cannot use them in the office in working hours.

Premium Candy Green Eyes

It feels like a soothing breeze going on with the grass and nature always touches my soul. They are pretty for annual events and gatherings as they catch attention. I always wanted to have green eyes but unfortunately I didn't. Luckily, Twinklens made it possible with premium candy green eyes. The green background and a yellow tinge gives me a fresh and vibrant classy look.

Nonno Violet Eyes

Sunsets on an evening that are too violet are always different and beautiful and the shade is a perfect example of those sunsets. The effects are vibrant and noticeable. I simply adore these lenses that make me look more attractive and suit my complexion as well. They are the perfect pair when I want something different and amazing. My friends always compliment me when I wear this shade. It feels like I got my dream eyes now.

But before getting your hands on lenses, always make sure that you are not allergic. Always give them a try at home before applying and going out for long hours. Choose your perfect shades according to your personality and events. I keep my lenses clean so I can use them easily throughout the year as these lenses come with a yearly span. I can’t imagine my life without lenses as they make my goals and vision clear. I will recommend Twinklens lenses to everyone.

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