Amy and Her Lenses of Choice

Amy and Her Lenses of Choice

Hello guys. It's Amy from New York, USA. I am a modern woman who is an accountant with a huge love for fashion and style. My favourite thing to do is watching movies, travelling and socializing hence I love attending and arranging parties. I usually spend my day at work and the evenings hanging out with my friends. Since I was a teenager, I started to experiment with fashion and reinvented myself as often as I could. Apart from Fashion, I am also a huge fan of makeup just like every other girl.

While attending parties and get-togethers, just fashion is not enough, you also need to focus on your makeup to stand out in the crowd. For me, eye makeup is the most important part, as it can make the whole look more dramatic. I use different lenses which make my eyes more prominent and noticeable. Lenses are such a small wearable but very important as they can make you look completely different and give you a whole new look. I don’t know what I would do without lenses, as I have a weak eyesight, and I am not a fan of wearing glasses. Colored contact lenses allow me to change my eye color and create a look that's subtle, bold or anywhere in between, depending on whether I want to enhance my everyday look or rock a crazy design for Halloween and other special occasions. For this, I use Twinklens colored contact lenses.

Twinklens has a huge range of different colored lenses. I use them because of their quality and the unique blend of colors. Talking about the specifications, these lenses are made of HEMA and have a water content of about 40-42% which makes them perfect for daily use as they do not make eyes feel dry. These lenses also come with power and have a diameter of 14.0-14.5mm and a base curve of 8.6mm.

Since I have a weak eyesight, I cannot wear my specs everywhere. So, I got myself a few lenses, some for work and some for parties and get togethers. I will be discussing the ones I use regularly below:

Beads Violet Eyes

Love Sunsets? Well, everybody does. Twinklens Beads Violet Lenses makes my eyes look more beautiful with the colors of a beautiful violet and yellow sunset. These lenses are perfect for both work and parties, as they look natural as well as enhances any party look. Depending on my makeup and the look, I use these lenses at work as well as in hangouts/parties.

Hidrocor Topaz Eyes

Since I am a nature lover, I love the color of these Hidrocor Topaz Eyes which is like a blue ocean next to a shore, full of greenery. These lenses are perfect for parties, daytime hangouts and traveling. They not only make eyes look beautiful, but also make the whole look stand out.

3 Tone Pure Hazel Eyes

The color of the 3 Tone Pure Hazel Eyes is like the leaves that turn brown in autumn. With the beautiful blend of Hazel, Brown and Black color, these lenses are my perfect work companion. They look so natural and blend in so well, that sometimes people think that it is my natural eye color. Sometimes I also wear these lenses with my party look as they make a black smokey makeup look hotter!

Macaron Dream Brown Eyes

Macaron Dream Brown Lenses make eyes look like a pool of Honey. The beautiful blend of Brown and light-yellow color makes eyes look just like a little sunlight left under the dark clouds. I use these lenses regularly at work as they look natural and are perfect for a work look. I also use them when I am looking for a natural look while going out with my friends, as they make my eyes look prettier and enhance my overall look.

Rio Copacabana Eyes

Rio Copacabana Lenses are single green toned lenses which look like a natural emerald lake. Being a nature lover, I always loved the idea of having green colored eyes, and Twinklens Rio Copacabana made this possible. These lenses blend in so perfectly, that I often get compliments on my lenses, some people also think that it is my natural eye color. These lenses are my perfect traveling partner as I always wear these while I am traveling. I often wear them at parties and hangouts as they make the look more attractive and beautiful.

To make sure that my lenses last longer and do not cause any harm to my eyes, I use them as prescribed and make sure that they are clean and washed regularly. I am totally in love and satisfied with my contact lenses and I cannot imagine my life without these as they have become my everyday companion. Let it be work, party, hangouts or traveling, Twinklens colored lenses are constant. For more queries, feel free to visit and contact us. Loads of love.