Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)
Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)
Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)
Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)
Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)
Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)
Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)
Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)
Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)

Blackout & Whiteout -Kontakte (alle 8 Modelle Zugriff)

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Blackouts & Whiteouts sind fast die Standard-Halloween-Kontakte für Kostümstarter und die Modelle für so viele gruselige Looks, und wir haben mehr mit Farboptionen in Gelb, Rot, Blau und Grün gemacht.

⚠️ diesBlind Modelle sind so gestaltet, wie es für extreme Theatereffekte ist, die Ihr Sehvermögen beim Tragen vollständig blockieren.


Material: Hema Lebensspanne: Jährlich
Leistung: 0.00 Basiskurve: 8,6 mm
Durchmesser: 14,0 mm Ton (s): 1
Wassergehalt: 40% Gut für Theaterkostüm.

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Advanced cast molding enables extraordinary thinness, and disables foreign body sensation.


Approved by FDA & CE, and regulated by strict QA protocols, all twinklens contacts are safe to wear.


High-end water-locking design maintains sufficient water content, ensuring prolonged moisture.


Composed of premium constituents, twinklens contacts sustain breathability, and thus comfort.


Each hue is delicately applied with discreet spokes to emphasize the beauty of the iris in a natural way.


Blocking most UVB & UVA-1 rays, twinklens contacts offer high-level protection for outdoor scenarios.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Justin Case
Just get them

You can just barely see through these. But dim the lights just a little bit and it's total darkness.

Great first pair!

I’ve never worn contacts before and to be honest I as nervous to try something just from seeing it online but MAN are these contacts great! I wore them all day and I even forgot sometimes that I was wearing them until I saw myself in a mirror!

Great product, great delivery. Will buy here again!


These lenses are so comfortable and fit my eyes just perfect!

Shiela Vaugh

I don’t know who made this for you but they did an excellent job. I am so happy and over the moon with this I can’t stop gushing.

I have a corneal scar in my left eye, but the scar is such that the peripheral of the eye has vision, albeit limited. I tried a much more expensive blackout lens from another brand years ago that was terrifying to wear because the blackout color was too dark. The dark color covered the vision too much and it felt like I was being attacked from the left side with construction machinery every 90sec. It was nerve racking to wear as I kept having thr reflex to duck the phantom construction machinery. Yeah who know that was even a thing?! I wore it for a week before my nerves were battered and exhausted. I couldn’t wear the lens one more second.

I wanted to get back to wearing lens again….because why not….but I dragged my feet for two years worried about the phantom construction machinery ducking. After I found twin lens, I dragged my feet several more months, just worrying!

I finally got the nerve to try them and do my surprise it went swimmingly. It was everything I’d hoped for. It looked natural, felt natural and allowed enough light in so it doesn’t feel like I’ve gone suddenly totally blind in one one, which avoided the phantom construction machinery ducking reflex. I took so many pictures and you couldn’t tell which eye is wearing thr contact. And like the neurotic blob I am I stared at it determined to find something to pinpoint which eye is wearing the contact, but the contact reflects enough light, so perfectly that it looks absolutely natural. And you better believe I took plenty of pictures.

Reviews on Trustpilot


This is my second time ordering and yes I absolutely love my contacts. I will buy again and forever lol thanks for amazing products👁👁

Mia Ray

United States


Probably one of my most pleasant shopping experience so far. I am now a fan of twinklens products and service. Cannot recommend more!

John Ewan

United States


Excellent lenses with great customer service. The twinklens team was very responsive in delivering few pair of lenses at discounted price. The quality is awesome!

Intizar Hassan



I just ordered some sclera lenses I have been wanting for awhile and I love how they are and look def worth the money and I plan on buying more.

Santos Guerrero

United States


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