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twinklens counts on our lovely customers to stay business and aspires to be a community brand to serve contact lens users all over the world, no matter if you are into natural shades, theatrical models, or the craziest mini & full sclera styles, we've got you covered.
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love them they look so cute and are super comfortable


love em i look like a bug lol

Love this product and color for my cosplay

Excellent like it a lot

Love this color of contacts on me the shade and realistic look have a guess factor to them. The super natural look is second look factor and I never lie if ever asked are they my real eye color but the natural look they give I rarely ever get that question of are they. Just a lot of compliments of your eyes are beautiful


People were significantly stunned by the look of my eyes with those mini sclera. Next time i'm going full on sclera. Had fear of feeling discomfort but they were very soft and comfortable. A bit hard to put in place the 1st time but 2nd time they went in easily. Just gotta get good

Beautiful lenses

i blink and it never stays on my eye it flips out the quality is so bad 😭 in november i got new black eye contacts from EYEVOS and their quality is sm better. get eyevos instead

Arrived on time. They added a nice touch to my costume. They looked great!

Not the same as the symphony 3 Con I get, The color is completely off and they are rough on the eyes

Incredible They look great And it doesn't cause any discomfort

Comfortable Very Easy Use

They completely cover the eye and look spectacular and do not cause any discomfort.

First contacts ive ever worn they looked so cool and comfortable.

love them

Finally found the contacts that actually shows color over my very dark brown eyes.🤗👍👏

They’re super comfy, not even blurry unless you’ve worn them for an extended period. love the effect <33 comes with a cute lil case!