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twinklens counts on our lovely customers to stay business and aspires to be a community brand to serve contact lens users all over the world, no matter if you are into natural shades, theatrical models, or the craziest mini & full sclera styles, we've got you covered.
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Mini Sclera Rennigan Contacts

So I was little scared and nervous before buying them but since I got the father's day discount I said why not? Lol So I got them and finally came in the mail yesterday and I tried them on and I must say they look amazing on me when I put them on, but of course because of the middle of it I can't really say blury vision but it definitely has a effect but I can still see good enough. I do wish they had some Mini Scleras where the middle was bigger to not have any vision issues but I still recommend it because I still love them and would get them again.

Blue Sharingans Naruto Contacts

When I found these on this website I was shocked! The Sharingans was always red on the show so the fact that this website has them in blue, white, and purple is amazing. I got the blue ones and they are amazing and very comfortable I love these the most. I highly recommend getting all the colors because I am soon enough thank you Twinklens yall are amazing for this.

Itachi Uchiha Mangekyo Sharingan contacts

Itachi has always been my number 1 favorite Character so getting these was a must. I love these and they're so comfortable and look great for my cosplay videos on Tik Tok. I highly recommend these.

Rinnegan Naruto Contacts

I really love these contacts they're very comfortable to where I can barely feel them when I wear them. I would highly recommend these to other people.

Love love love ❤️

This is one of my fave color😍they fit my eye color perfectly plus sooo comfortable!

Perfect Coverage

Hello 😁. Just want to say this was my 1st experience with TWINKLENS and I am 💯% satisfied. I bought 4 pairs for$19.80 with code TL2 (BUY 2 GET 2 FREE).
These COOL GRAY ones are pretty. I have DARK BROWN eyes and once I put these on, you can NOT see the slightest bit of brown anywhere. They do actually make your eyes look bigger too. They come with their own case, the standard left and right little circles one and then a cute little girly one that has a mirror in it with the two little application tools. This is the GREATEST PRICE I've seen ANYWHERE. Honestly.
I had a GREAT EXPERIENCE with TWINKLENS in every aspect of our transaction and I will definitely recommend you to everyone who will listen. That's how pleased I am 😁. THANK YOU.

Brown Goat Eyes
Hanna Martin
Comfy and great!

I am pretty squeamish when it comes to touching my eyes and wearing contacts, but these were easy to put in and didn’t really bother me while I’ve been wearing them! Definitely going to pick up more!!


Absolutely love it i have to buy more!

Great Product!

Shipping was fast and looked exactly like they do online. I was only able to get the contact in for a few seconds (I’ve never worn contacts and the contacts were too big for my eyes) but the color blocked out my brown eyes which I was worried about. Highly recommend!

Red Rim Halloween Eyes
Rafael Mondragon

Love these so much fully recommended for Halloween and fun .


I love them. Deff worth the money.

Perfect for darker eyes

They provided the perfect amount of color to make my eyes pop!


Comfortable to wear

Hidrocor Topaz Eyes
Daniel Poole
Favorite finally!!

After years of looking for just a small bit of colour blue lenses to make my blue eyes lighter HERE they are!!! I have used Topaz before and the pl changed the colour to Topazio which is a slight bit darker. Here is a poc to help.

Very pretty colored contacts

The color is amazing and it is a bit uncomfortable to wear at first (mostly because I'm not used to contacts) but later it doesn't feel like I'm wearing something in my eye, also not blurry vision. so very comfortable, I'll definetly buy again


I love them

Dolly Green Cosplay Eyes
Never A Dull Moment-Lori G
Dolly Green

Magnificent green color. I cannot get enough wear time of them in a day. Sooo vibrant & beautiful. Thank you Twinklens.

I freaking love them

They really look great on my eye.

Worked well for cosplay

I used these lenses for a Genos cosplay at a convention and they worked well. They were comfortable to wear for hours in costume.


These are the most gorgeous lenses for darker brown eyes. I have gone through many in the last decade, but this shade is the most flattering ever!

Awesome Contacts

These look great and totally exceeded my expectations. I'm ordering a different pair today as well.

Perfect minis!

I got a red and black pair of the mini scleras and they are SO comfortable and awesome! Can't even feel them in and I look so good. 10/10

Blue eyes

Wish they looked more realistic

Hellfire Sclera Eyes
Bridgitte velez
Amazing for cosplay or Halloween!

I bought these originally because I do special fx make up especially for Halloween and these contacts made my costume pop out even more I sacred people and that was the goal I got many compliments on how creepy my eyes were definitely would recommend they were comfortable breathable and lasted hours will be purchasing more in the future ofcourse!😊

3 Tone Brown Eyes
Genuina Maupin

It was amazing! I love it…