Tamar and Her Lenses of Choice

Tamar and Her Lenses of Choice

Hello folks. I am Tamar from Bahrain, I am a very lively mid-eastern girl who appreciates beauty, colors, nature, landscapes and mountains. I can make any boring thing interesting through my painting/drawings. I am a natural born to artist. People often call me beauty with a brain but to be honest I am a simple hijabi girl who also works as a model with different projects. I am working for my passion and I think I have already achieved half of the goals I have always dreamt of (Still a long way to go).

I see things from a different perspective. I gather so many ideas and then capture those into a meaningful picture. My ideas may not always please others. When I was in my 20s, many people discouraged me but opposition did not stop me for long. And now in my 40s, I own a painting studio after years of hard work. I love to work for myself as well as for other people because I don’t like getting bored. I meet with different people at work so I have to make sure that I am always in presentable form. I like applying subtle makeup according to the place I am going. I always wished to have colored eyes but unfortunately, I cannot bring colors to them so I buy colored contact lenses from Twinklens. For me, Twinklens is an artist as they bring colors into my life in the form of colored contact lenses. I simply wear their lenses and I am good to go. These lenses enhance my features and make me look more attractive.

Twinklens is a wonderful platform for every person like me who wants colored contact lenses. I have weak eyesight and like every other girl, I too dislike wearing specs. I have many pairs of colored contacts lenses according to different occasions. Some are in power while others are not. I wear these lenses for long hours as I am mostly working for straight 9-12 hours. I chose Twinklens because of the quality. These lenses are made of HEMA material with 14.2-14.5 diameter. The main reason why my eyes never get dry or irritating is their water content of 40% with 8.6mm of base curve. Also, they come with yearly life span.

Ocean Sky Gray Eyes

Ocean sky gray lenses are a ray of sunshine to my dull eyes. It brings spark, brightness and liveliness to my eyes. These lenses are great when I go for shoots because they bring out the best from me. These colored contact lenses always flaunted on camera. It looks perfectly great on my dark eyes.

Premium Brown Eyes

Premium brown are warm tone lenses which give me a feeling of sea shore while actually in a deserted area. They are extremely natural, lighter and bring depth to my eyes. Sometimes it is so deceiving that I totally forget to remove them. As they come in power, I always prefer these lenses for my daily use whether I go out to the grocery store or at my painting studio. They are my good companion everywhere.

Hidrocor Crystal Eyes

Have you ever seen the first glimpse of glowy sunshine? Same goes to hidrocor crystal eyes. They bring hope to my eyes. This pair is definitely a must-have when I am painting my ideas for others because they come in power that makes me more focused and accurate towards my drawings.They are excellent for my type of personality; simple, elegant yet so natural because of hidrocor. Creates the most pleasant look. I always recommend this pair for the soft daily look.

Diamond Carribean Green Eyes

As I love nature and greenery that brings calmness and freshness which everyone is craving to have in their life and gladly this pair is doing exactly the same thing in my life through my eyes. After working day and night, I need to go out with my friends to have some Me time. These lenses are great for every look either with minimal or no makeup look as well as heavy glamorous party makeup. These lenses are as precious as diamonds like its title. This shade is definitely unique and breathtaking.

Glow Vivid Blue Eyes

Eye-catching as well as relaxing in amidst of a bored tiring day. Glow vivid blue lenses are cool. They are best for party wear after hours of work. This pair does not require much makeup because they are fancy itself, but if I am in a mood for makeup then these lenses look phenomenal. I always get loads of compliments even from strangers when I wear this pair. I love the dramatic look with glow vivid lenses.

I love all the pairs I have collected from Twinklens. These lenses are good for daily as well as long use. Comes in great packaging and essential kit. I will recommend Twinklens lenses to everyone as they have a really fantastic collection. If you have any queries or you need any extra information then do contact Twinklens for more. Choose the best that suits you. Good luck!


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