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Our Story

Twinklens is the ultimate marketplace for contact lenses of all colors and patterns. Partnered with popular brands like FreshGo, Hidrocor, Tintiris and PsEYEChe, we are able to deliver the best colored contacts of their kind as well as offering compelling deals that you can find nowhere else. Our product lineup includes cosmetic lenses that can help you rule your daily life in the way you want, cosplay / halloween contacts that transform you into supernatural forms, and the jaw-dropping 17.0mm &Β 22.0mm sclera contact lenses that dare the devils. While we are exploring novel catalogs to populate our storefront, we keep adding new original models on top of the 400+ styles, the latest series include Rio and Macaron, inspired by the natural landscapes in Rio and the signature desserts from France respectively.

Twinklens team consists of gurus in the domain of colored contacts. We hold safety near and dear to our heart, and always implement the most strict procedures in the manufacturing process. Every lens sold on Twinklens is both CE and FDA approved.

Colored contacts are intimate, no one would like to wear them and suffer. Our team use advanced cast molding technique to make the lenses so thin that there is no foreign body sensation. The premium constituents ensure high breathability, thus your eyes can remain comfortable during long-term wearing. The 40% - 42% optimum water content and water-locking design keeps your eyes moist. Finally, thanks to the multi-dimensional pigment printing technology, our lenses can spark the most significant effects as intended.

Only by then do we include them in our store and ship to the world.

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