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twinklens counts on our lovely customers to stay business and aspires to be a community brand to serve contact lens users all over the world, no matter if you are into natural shades, theatrical models, or the craziest mini & full sclera styles, we've got you covered.
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Mystery Hazel Eyes
Clara Bradford
These contacts are so pretty!

These contacts are so pretty they are so very comfortable and you can’t even tell that they are contacts when they are in! I really did make a good choice buying these for my toga and lumine cosplay!

Worth it

They scared many ppl in my school, mission successful

Premium Hazel Eyes
Diamond Artis
Love love love

I absolutely love the hazel contacts and got so many compliments. The prescription was perfect.


They arrived just an time for an upcoming cosplay and everything including the box is gorgeous!

White Mesh Halloween Eyes
Shailynn Largent
White Mesh Halloween Eyes

They feel so comfortable in my eyes, and I can see out of them so I'm not totally blinded.

Comfortable and Affordable

Very comfortable, easy to use, affordable, and your eyes will look great! I will recommend to friends and colleagues, looking to buy contacts at a great prize!


Love the feel of these contacts, wear them almost everyday

Snake Sclera Eyes
Christian Perera

Had trouble getting used to putting them in but once i got them in, they were comfortable and cool looking! Had them in for about 5 hours in a Reptile Cosplay

Good contacts

Soft and easy to wear shipping was also in time frame great customer service


My package was missed

My package was missing but twinklens came through for making sure my order got to me I really appreciate it as a first time buyer of these contacts the packaging is awesome and they send you the case and everything amazing !

Just get them

You can just barely see through these. But dim the lights just a little bit and it's total darkness.

AMAZING!! Good for first ever pair of costume contacts!

This was my first time using contacts and was a little nervous about where to get them and what site I can trust. After doing some research, I come across this site which seemed to have good reviews. They were also cautious about health so I decided to get a pair for a cosplay. They came quicker than expected! Like I said, this was my first ever pair of lens, so I was pretty nervous to try them on. It was difficult to put on but when they finally stuck it was more comfortable than I thought! I expected my eyes to be breaking out and burning but no! These are really comfortable and cool looking lenses! Amazing for people who are getting their first pair of costume contacts for sure.

Devil Green Eyes
Darlene Gutierrez
Never disappointed!!

My green eyes are back and I feel great about it… don’t look too shabby either!! I recommend Twinklense to family n friends!

Awesome contacts!

I always get lots of compliments and looks when wearing these! They’re very comfortable, too!

These contacts were actually great.

I was a little nervous to buy off this site because not many people have when I searched it up on tiktok. But to my surprise the contacts were great! I had no problem with my vision and they were very comfortable.

Delight Bright Blue Eyes
Ta’avilli Kalolo

Delight Bright Blue Eyes

Very comfy

These are surprisingly comfortable , and easy to take out. I like that they make my eyes look larger. 10/10
Would recommend

Never received the item

Still said it shipped weeks ago and still haven't received it very disappointed was hoping it would be here by my birthday.

Full Sclera Contacts (Top Models Access)

I love them

Beautiful natural color.

Contacts of the Month
Shaundra Floyd
The best

These are the best contacts for dark eyes

Nonno Green Eyes
Kyle Jacks

Really cool fits well and the prescription works.

Premium Blue Eyes
Jennifer Goldapp
True Blue

Just as great as the other blue contact option but brighter ☺️

Love the color

I've always hated my brown eyes so these colored contacts have been amazing for me!