Try On Guarantee

twinklens offers a wide range of contact lenses across the following 5 major categories:

If you are not satisfied with one, more or all items in an order, we either send you free replacement or issue full refund to the item(s) in question, by an item basis, at your discretion, with no return required.ย 

Your first paid order automatically activates the Try On Guarantee quota.

Each customer can have up to 1 (ONE)ย Try On Guaranteeย at one time, the quota doesn't accumulate, but twinklens may renew / reset it periodically.


On January 3rd, Customer A places her 4thย order which contains 3 pairs of cosmetic contacts, after receiving the items on January 15th, she finds 2 of the 3 shades don't blend well with her eye color. On January 17th, she claims her Try On Guarantee quota as follows:

  • Unsuitable Pair A: to be replaced with a different shade;
  • Unsuitable Pair B: to be refunded.

twinklens follows the instructions, ships the designated replacement color to Pair A, and refunds Pair B.

While the Try On Guaranteeย quota can be claimed for once, we are able to reship / refund your order without it being returned when:

  • the internal package is damaged during transit;
  • the products themselves are defective;
  • incorrect quantity or style is delivered;
  • you are reasonably unsatisfied with any part of the shopping experience with twinklens, including shipping, customer support and the products themselves.

To claim your Try On Guarantee quota, simply drop us a line at, orย click the Live Chat bubble on the bottom right of our website.

twinklens remains committed to providing the most enjoyable shipping experience to our customers, if you are unsatisfied or have suggestions for improvement, be sure to let us know.